How Do We Do It?

BWD delights in the events that feed your soul. We incorporate the essence of our couples and balance it with the stunning asymmetry of nature; the movement of a flower caught in the breeze, the romance of a table decorated with foraged fruit, and the sound of laughter echoing across dinner plates. 
We create unreplicable moments by focusing on you and the details. 



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Our Mission

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The result?

Events that are equally as impressive as they are to witness. 

Designs inspired by nature, daring to be celebrated. BWD quietly bridges the gap between traditional designs and those unexpected. 

Our skills as perpetual problem solvers serve us well in preparing for and executing events that call for creative solutions to obstacles, big or small. Always a spreadsheet and timeline in hand, we are able to minimize stress for you leading up to and on your wedding day. 





share her desire for hosting and planning experiences, not just a date on the calendar.

The fanfare of celebrating a meal with friends, the community of street-side eating and the constant connectivity as you commute via cobblestone streets is where Britt draws her inspiration. Her time living in Madrid, Spain afforded her a cultural perspective on the meaning of a "gathering" versus and "event". 

Her work balances the line of traditional values and editorial elegance. 

Britt is genuinely a “people-first” type of designer. She is led by the relationships she builds with her clients. Designing for the atmosphere versus the trend, Britt weaves her craft solely for the joy and the stories that are told long after the music fades.

Her passion is carefully measured in the details. Presenting itself in the mathematical placement of forks and the pressing of linens. Britt didn’t start her business for the novelty of the game. She began Britt Warnick Designs to 

Owner / Art Director





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She views weddings as a legacy and values the importance of being responsible for her couple’s most joyous day. Valuing the connection between partners and the diversity of the BWD clientele, there is an understanding that “no-two weddings are the same.”

Inspired by the talent in the wedding industry, Callie has not only had the opportunity to learn from Britt, but also from the array of florists, musicians, cake artists, etc… that have partnered with their team to execute wedding days. It is a tight-knit community of shared love for love and Callie is woven into the mix!

Callie began her event career in 2018, her passion in the operations and production of each day. Upon connecting with Britt and shadowing her events, Callie transitioned to the wedding industry and went full-steam ahead on her deliverance for creativity. 

Her view as a planner is a fresh perspective, looking at the experience of weddings versus the aesthetic. 

Lead Planner

Callie Hammond



It is often said that Rachel “lives in the details," and her attentiveness to the words clients choose to describe their vision. Rachel is thoughtful of their desires and anticipatory of needs ahead of time so that she can properly guide clients in the right direction. Her goal is to make clients feel as confident and comfortable with their BWD team so they can enjoy the planning process and trust their team by releasing the reigns. 

Inspired by stories and the way fine-tuned design and meticulous planning can create visually stunning weddings. Rachel loves the minimalist and neutral trends that have found recent popularity. But similarly to Britt, she also favors when there are classic or European twists mixed in. It’s the fusion of tradition-meets-modern that genuinely highlights the uniqueness of each couple. 

Lead Planner

Rachel Phillips



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Our Promise

Our commitment to hospitality is woven into everything we do. This allows us to continuously deliver on more than just insta-worthy shots. We put out the fires that you weren’t even aware of with quick hands and on-the-spot thinking, That’s our promise.